Case study – PGS and DeRegt cables: Better together

"Darkness falls on a PGS Ramform Titan-class seismic acquisition vessel gliding slowly through the Atlantic Ocean just off the Bahamas. The enormous wedge-shaped ship was designed from stem to stern for the job of mapping the layers of sand, rock, and mud under the sea floor..."

Are you eager to find out how the PGS asset manager and DeRegt's field service manager collaborate at sea to extend the lifetime of cables and source umbilicals? 

In this case study, you will get some unique insights on:

  • How PGS facilitates the vessels with high quality equipment while extending the lifetime of cables with timely repairs
  • What DeRegt's extensive field service looks like to keep equipment operational at all times
  • How continuous design improvements help make the cables stronger, yet lighter – in order to achieve bigger offsets with wider spreads between sources and streamers

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