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Use Case: Helping the Ocean Energy market grow with durable, dynamic subsea cable designs

Struggling to Balance Cost and Durability in Subsea Cable Design?

In the rapidly evolving offshore energy market, engineers like you are often caught in choosing between cost-efficiency and the durability of subsea cables. George Brandenburg, with his extensive experience in dynamic cable systems, reveals how you can achieve this balance without compromising on performance.


How can you ensure your underwater cables hold up against the ocean's wild and unpredictable nature? 

The ocean doesn't go easy on equipment, and regular cables just don't cut it against its power. In this part of the report, we dig into what you need to think about when making cables that can handle the sea's rough push and pull so they last longer and you can rely on them.

Download and discover:

  • How to effectively transfer the energy generated offshore to the grid.
  • Strategies for selecting cable designs that can withstand extreme marine conditions.
  • The benefits of a co-engineered process in achieving the best cable design for your project.
  • Case studies which demonstrate the successful application of these strategies in real-world scenarios.


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