4 ROV Cable-trends and consequences for specific industries



What are the effects of a changing world on the use of ROVs and the designs of marine cables? And what does this mean for your ROV project?

As an engineer working with ROVs, your goal is to find the right cable for your ROV project as effectively as possible. However, there are a lot of design considerations you need to take into account when selecting your ROV cable.

Which specifications match your needs? And how do you choose the perfect cable?

To help you understand which developments will affect your cable design, our experts wrote this trend report. In this trend report, we highlight 4 trends and 4 industries affected by these trends.

Download and discover:

  • How the increased demand for energy security has led to further investments in renewable energy research 
  • How lightweight materials such as synthetic fibers form a solution for ROVs in deeper waters
  • How the drive for sustainability has led to accelerated development of electric work-class ROVs
  • What consequences these 4 trends have for your specific subsea project and cable design


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