A cable system must match exact specifications, especially in the naval defense sector. That is why testing and validating are a crucial part of designing your next cable system.

But how will you engage stakeholders with a transparent and clear design process? And how to translate strict requirements into a naval cable system – while staying cost and time efficient?


In this webinar on demand Sander van Leeuwen, R&D Manager at DeRegt, shares:

  1. Crucial insights on cable construction and production throughout the webinar
  2. Specs Overview for Naval Defense cable systems (10:20-11:10)
    • Functional Requirements (12:22-15:28)
    • Operational Requirements (15:30-19:33)
    • Handling Requirements (21:34-24:41)
    • Environmental Requirements (24:43-29:29)
    • Interface Requirements (29:36-33:45)
  3. The Design Process for Naval Defense Cables (34:03-36:34)
  4. Proven verification methods: analyzing and testing your system
    • Analysis methods for your system/cable (37:08-40:56)
    • Various tests for Naval Defense Cables (41:10-44:56)

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