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Advanced applications of fiber optic sensing in subsea environments

Fiber optic transmission and sensing technologies in subsea cables

​​Safeguarding sustainability: the state of underwater seabed security

Understanding the Impact of Ocean Energy Converter Types on Subsea Cables

Your Guide to Subsea Cable Installation to Maximize Performance (Part 2 of 2)

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Subsea Cables (Part 1 of 2)

Maximise The Lifespan of Your Subsea Cabling With Preventative Maintenance

The Importance of Correct Handling to Prevent Subsea Cable Damage

Designing and prototyping a dynamic umbilical for your Renewable Energy project

Honghai & DeRegt: Improving Customer Satisfaction with cable expertise

Marine Cables for Seismic Surveys: Securing a Sustainable Energy Supply

Geomil & DeRegt: Reducing downtime while operating at greater depths

Subsea Sustainability Part II: 3 major benefits of re-terminating subsea cables

Subsea Sustainability Part I: Refurbishing components in subsea cable re-terminations

USVs and AUVs in the ROV Market: Automation on water

The Rise of Electrical ROVs: Benefits and challenges in development

Sonar Cables: developing the 'next level’

Steel vs. Aramid fibre - what is the best cable solution for your subsea project?

Deep Sea Mining: the Seabed is full of Treasure

Blue Nodules: harvesting at 5.5km depth

How to prevent dangerous overheating in subsea cables

Three advantages of Early Supplier Involvement

Subsea Cable Testing and 4 other types of verification: the Design Compliance Matrix

6 Environmental Sonar System Requirements and how to verify them

Early Supplier Involvement: improve your naval project’s feasibility with the right subsea cable manufacturer

Subsea Cable Testing: 6 Qualification Tests for underwater defense cables

Subsea Cable Design: The importance of a clear Design Process and timely freezing your design

Five types of Sonar System Requirements

Survival Load for Naval Defense Systems

Determining the Strength Member of a Naval Cable

Types of Naval Sonar Systems: variable depth sonar vs towed array sonar

When should you call DeRegt?

General handling advice: Reeling, Installation and Deployment

General Handling Advice: Storing and Unpacking

Step 5: Termination Handling & Inspection

Step 4: Fiber Optics Testing

Step 3: Insulation Resistance Testing

Step 2: Electrical Conductor Resistance Testing

Step 1: Visual Inspection

Choosing a subsea cable termination (including Terminations Ebook)

Field Service: On-board assistance to keep cables operational – and more!

The effects of ocean sustainability projects on designing ROV Cables

ROV Cable Construction: laying up the opto-electrical core of your ROV umbilical cable

When do I have to replace my subsea ROV equipment?

Subsea Power Cable: how does an ROV Cable transfer power?

Offshore cable manufacturers: what determines the price of my ROV Cable?

The Life Expectancy of Subsea Equipment: how to minimize downtime of ROV cables

Offshore cable standards: How much can my ROV Cable stretch or rotate?

Marine Cable Manufacturers: from supplier to strategic partner

Multifunctional Cable for Trenching Vehicle "Swordfish"

How to write great cable requirements

New work class ROV innovations by DeRegt cables

Field Service: Anywhere, Anytime, Everytime

Five Types of Terminations

New behind-the-scenes product video from DeRegt HQ

7 crucial ROV System Requirements and their impact on Cable Design

How fairing solutions can improve your cable performance. 6 solutions

10 tips for fewer design iterations and quicker production

How to make a light-weight electro/optical umbilical?

7 mechanical tests for marine cables and your subsea project

Check out our number one priority: health and safety

An unusual request from 200km off the Norwegian coast- an interview with Aker Solutions

How does DeRegt get cable buoyancy just right?

Driven by solutions: Phil Roscoe on the new future-proof extrusion room

A new chapter for DeRegt, meet our brand new Managing director Daniël Ruiter.

Why do we need Flexible Terminations?

DeRegt cables Naval Defense: the new generation of UAVs, UUVs and USVs require the best possible connections.

Naval Defense: Jeroen Romijn on DeRegt cables’ innovative cable solutions

Meet DeRegt cables at Euronaval: 23 to 26 october 2018

The right ROV-cable: extending lifetime and maximizing performance

About DeRegt cables: manufacturer of work class ROV cable solutions.

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