Choosing a subsea cable termination (including Terminations Ebook)

Field Service: On-board assistance to keep cables operational – and more!

The effects of ocean sustainability projects on designing ROV Cables

ROV Cable Construction: laying up the opto-electrical core of your ROV umbilical cable

When do I have to replace my subsea ROV equipment?

Subsea Power Cable: how does an ROV Cable transfer power?

Offshore cable manufacturers: what determines the price of my ROV Cable?

The Life Expectancy of Subsea Equipment: how to minimize downtime of ROV cables

Offshore cable standards: How much can my ROV Cable stretch or rotate?

Marine Cable Manufacturers: from supplier to strategic partner

'Next level’ in sonar technology

Multifunctional Cable for Trenching Vehicle "Swordfish"

The Seabed is full of Treasure

Steel vs. Aramid fibre, what is the best cable solution?

The future of ROV cable solutions - meet our new ROV Sales Manager Matthieu Scheffers

How to write great cable requirements

Peter Brussee: new work class ROV innovations by DeRegt cables

Field Service: Anywhere, Anytime, Everytime

Five Types of Terminations

Blue Nodules: harvesting at 5.5km depth

New behind-the-scenes product video from DeRegt HQ

7 crucial ROV System Requirements and their impact on Cable Design

How fairing solutions can improve your cable performance. 6 solutions

10 tips for fewer design iterations and quicker production

Three advantages of Early Supplier Involvement

An uptick in oil & gas development and other thoughts from OTC 2019

How to make a light-weight electro/optical umbilical?

7 mechanical tests for marine cables and your subsea project

Check out our number one priority: health and safety

An unusual request from 200km off the Norwegian coast- an interview with Aker Solutions

How does DeRegt get cable buoyancy just right?

How do we prevent dangerous overheating in your cable?

Driven by solutions: Phil Roscoe on the new future-proof extrusion room

A new chapter for DeRegt, meet our brand new Managing director Daniël Ruiter.

Why do we need Flexible Terminations?

DeRegt cables Naval Defense: the new generation of UAVs, UUVs and USVs require the best possible connections.

Naval Defense: Jeroen Romijn on DeRegt cables’ innovative cable solutions

Meet DeRegt cables at Euronaval: 23 to 26 october 2018

The right ROV-cable: extending lifetime and maximizing performance

About DeRegt cables: manufacturer of work class ROV cable solutions.

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