How to make a light-weight electro/optical umbilical?

May 9, 2019 1:58:34 PM / by Sander van Leeuwen

cables that work under pressure

The newly developed Sonic Wireline Operated Remote Drill (SWORD) is a system designed to collect samples and geotechnical data from the seabed. The cable needs to combine electro/optic components with a high tensile light-weight strength member, taking into account the rules around rope hoisting/lifting applications. 

Where conventional steel would be too heavy to cope with the system requirements, the optimal configured strength-member is able to withstand the high tension, at a lower self-weight. This white paper explains how De Regt designed, manufactured and tested a unique cable solution with a strength member made of 8 (!) layers of aramid wires. This is a world-first. 

Cables that work - cover



Read more about out how we did it in our Case Study!







Topics: Deep-sea cables, Cable design, Cable solutions

Sander van Leeuwen

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