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Marine Cable Manufacturers: from supplier to strategic partner

Dec 21, 2021 4:04:56 PM / by Marco Cano

For success in any ROV project, all individual components must perfectly fit to operate together as well as possible. Each component is a small part of something bigger, contributing to the overall construction's success.


How do you overview all these components and ensure your ROV works as it should?


To do that, you need more than just suppliers. You need strategic partners that assist you throughout the project. This blog explains the difference between suppliers and strategic partners in more depth. What makes ROV Cable Manufacturers more valuable as a strategic partner?


Three aspects that turn Marine Cable Manufacturers into Strategic Partners

A supplier delivers what you order. Of course, that's the job the supplier is getting paid for. But, ironically, exactly getting delivered what you ordered does not always give the best results. 


By ensuring that all components are adequately taken care of by experts, you will have less to worry about the big picture. That's where strategic partners come in. The difference between suppliers and strategic partners can be divided into three important aspects:


1. Thinking Along

A strategic partner goes a step further than just delivering your ordered product to your doorstep. Take ROV Cable manufacturers, for example. If the ROV Cable manufacturer is just a supplier, the company will deliver the exact cable you ordered. That doesn't sound bad, does it? 


However, as an ROV engineer, you often don't know what components you need for the best results. In addition, you can't know everything about every component of the entire project. By choosing ROV Cable manufacturers that think along within the project, you know you get the cable that best suits your application. After all, it's taken care of by experts who work with these components daily. 


2. Early Supplier Involvement

Ensuring that the supplier is involved in the project as early as possible allows the involved party to become a strategic partner. So ideally, you'll know which suppliers you include within the project early on.




Early Supplier Involvement can make a big difference within the project. In the example of ROV Cable Manufacturers, the design of the ROV Cable can be much better coordinated with other components if the ROV Cable manufacturer sits down with other suppliers and engineers early in the project. 


3. Co-creation

In a project where individual components are provided by strategic partners who participate in thinking about the final overall product, something emerges that is the key to success: co-creation.


Co-creation creates a partnership where challenges can be tackled together, each partner thinking from their specific expertise. As an engineer, you don't have to know everything: with strategic partners, you create the final solution that ensures that your system operates optimally.


Field Service: Marine Cable Manufacturers boarding your vessel

In-house expertise is essential but should not be limited to in-house. Thanks to our Field Service, our expertise can be taken to the work field!


Using the knowledge of our experts and engineers on location can be of great value in various cases. Any form of damage or downtime can harm your subsea project. Therefore, this should be kept to a minimum, and if it can't be prevented, it should be fixed as quickly as possible. That's where the expertise of our field engineers comes in. With their knowledge of ROV systems and cable requirements, they'll help your crew find the cause and fix it to minimize downtime as much as possible.




Of course, our field engineers also represent the three aspects of Strategic Partners mentioned above. A simple supplier would come on board to fix the problem, but a true strategic field engineer will spend the time onboard as effectively as possible. Is there anything else they can help your onboard crew with? For example, one of our field engineers recently gave training in cable handling onboard a vessel. 


Involving your Strategic Partner

This kind of field service shows what DeRegt stands for. DeRegt wants to support your engineers through the entire process as a marine cable manufacturer. This is beneficial for the project as a whole. This is why Early Supplier Involvement is of the utmost importance. 


If a supplier (or strategic partner) is involved throughout the process, any issues your engineers might encounter can be discussed with experts. In our case, the cabling experts. Whatever the issue is, the cable application will always be leading. How deep must the cable be able to go? And which weight is it going to lift?


Additionally, we can offer storage possibilities and long-term warranties. Does something happen to the cable after a long time? Our specialists can advise you on the best solutions.


Discussing specific needs with our Marine Cable manufacturers

What are the most critical factors within your specific subsea project? As every ROV project is different, the same is true for ROV Cables. So how do you know which type of cable, material, or layer construction fits your project best?


With years of experience in the ROV business, our cabling experts know what is asked in various situations. By discussing your project with one of our specialists, you will discover which ROV Cable fits your specific needs best. With a Custom Cable Design, you get to see what the ROV Cable will look like - completely free of charge! Request your own Custom Cable Design here:


Request your Custom Cable Design


You can also discuss the feasibility of your specifications with our experts in a Feasibility Check.

With all other questions about your cabling needs, you can contact my colleagues or me here. Our marine cable manufacturers are always happy to help, advise or guide you in your ROV Cable requirements.

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