Field Service: On-board assistance to keep cables operational – and more!

Mar 15, 2022 3:40:02 PM / by Jeroen Romijn

For any valuable piece of equipment, choosing and purchasing a subsea cable system is just the beginning of a multi-year process. The equipment must be stored, maintained, deployed, and operated properly and repaired as necessary to get the most value from your investment. Above all, downtime in production due to cable problems must be avoided at all costs.

High-quality subsea cables require a maintenance program that preserves that quality. However, the benefits of a manufacturer’s field service agreement can reach far beyond maintenance. In this blog, we look at the advantages and added value of a DeRegt field service agreement.


Diagnosis and cure

Many issues can cause a cable to leak or fail when deployed on the open sea. A severe storm, an electrical short, or even a shark bite can disrupt the electrical and/or optical connection to the ship. In some cases, photos of the damage and diagnostic test results can give the field service engineer onshore enough information to coach the crew aboard to perform the repair.

If not, the engineer may determine that the damage is severe and the cable must be returned to the DeRegt factory for a complete refurbishment. To extend the lifetime of our clients’ cables, every effort is made to repair the existing equipment to the greatest extent possible.

But in critical situations, if the damage is determined to be repairable aboard the ship, the field engineer will travel to the vessel, bringing the necessary equipment and expertise to make the repair at sea. While onboard the engineer not only can return the cable to working condition but also can provide additional benefits to our client’s operation.



Added value aboard

DeRegt Field Service Manager Mario Boot travels the globe to ensure that clients can keep production going, despite problems with a cable. Deftly navigating flight schedules, international boundaries, and rough seas, Mario brings not only repair equipment but also years of experience working with subsea cable systems.

In the process of pinpointing the source of the leak, and performing the necessary repairs, Mario observes the client’s equipment and procedures for managing their cables.

PGS and DeRegt

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Mario takes the time to instruct the crew in the best ways to store and move the large, heavy cables to prevent future leaks caused by damage to the fragile electrical and optical lines inside. He also guides them in performing re-terminations so that the next time a leak occurs, they will be able to restore operability themselves.

Once the spare cable is fixed and ready for the next deployment, Mario checks over the ship’s remaining cables to ensure that they are in good working condition.

In a final written report to the asset manager, Mario records his observations on the cable management practices aboard the ship, providing invaluable feedback that will help the client maintain production on the high seas.

A strategic partnership

From cable selection and design to far-ranging field service to storage and refurbishment, the added value that DeRegt offers as a strategic partner goes above and beyond the sale of a cable. With the help of a DeRegt field service agreement, clients can rest easy that their cable systems will provide excellent service at sea for many long years.

For an in-depth look at a partnership/collaboration with DeRegt, read PGS and DeRegt Cables: Better Together.

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