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Hello, my name is George Brandenburg and my mission is to develop DeRegt into a leading marine energy cable manufacturer. Our Ocean Energy experience goes all the way back to 2007 with OPT, a pioneer of wave energy converters. Since then we have designed and manufactured multiple cables and R&D projects like the S3 of SBM offshore. We use our vast experience in dynamic cables to build cost effective cables for the harshest of conditions. If you have any questions regarding the grid connection of your device, feel free to contact us and we can discuss any and all challenges you might face.
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Designing and prototyping a dynamic umbilical for your Renewable Energy project

Apr 5, 2023 9:08:09 AM / by George Brandenburg posted in Renewable Energy, Cable design



Within the renewable energy industry, power transmission is an important aspect. A great variety of cables, both static and dynamic umbilicals, is being used for that purpose. With the rise of wave energy conversion systems and offshore floating wind, there has been renewed interest in dynamic umbilicals / power export cables. 

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