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How fairing solutions can improve your cable performance. 6 solutions

Aug 8, 2019 1:21:12 PM / by Cansın Yüksel Pelk

20190415 Blog post 1600x900 Fairings Rev-1

Any object that moves through liquid is subject to hydrodynamic forces. When towing, these forces will exert themselves on ropes and cables, as well as the towed body itself, thereby limiting speed and depth.

However, these forces can be altered by changing the geometry of the cable. This white paper offers a brief introduction into these “fairing” methods, which allow for deeper towing at higher speeds.



20190415 Cover White Paper Fairings Rev20190415-Cover-White-Paper-Fairings-Rev   

Find out how you can increase

the towing depth at higher speeds 

Download the whitepaper






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Cansın Yüksel Pelk

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