DeRegt cables Naval Defense: the new generation of UAVs, UUVs and USVs require the best possible connections.

Oct 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Jeroen Romijn

The demand for UAVs, UUVs and USVs for defense purposes is currently greater than ever, which means that crucial components, such as cables, have to be developed quickly and must meet high-quality specifications.

As a leading cable supplier in the field of Naval Defense applications, we have identified an increasing demand for new, innovative cable systems for various unmanned vehicles that can be used in combat and reconnaissance operations.


  • UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), such as Drones
  • UUVs (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles), such as underwater robots (ROV)
  • USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles), such as Remote controlled speed boats


Thanks to more than 90 years of experience and a proven track record in developing and producing work-class ROV cables and Aerostat Cables, DeRegt is capable of getting up to speed quickly with the development of new cable solutions for unmanned vehicles for defense purposes.


The Netherlands Royal Navy is also investing heavily in modernizing its fleet, faced mainly by the challenge of replacing Walrus-class submarines, minesweepers and M-class Frigates. With regard to the last two, the Netherlands has joined forces with the Belgian navy.


As a recognized supplier to Naval Defense suppliers and navies worldwide, DeRegt Cables has everything it takes to supply high-quality products. DeRegt has its own Research & Development department, its own testing facility and a modern factory where we can produce all our cables ourselves.

DeRegt tactical array cable systems, sonar cables, tow and umbilical cables are well known for their quality and durability in even the toughest conditions.


To find out more about DeRegt Cables, read the interview of our Naval Defense specialist Jeroen Romijn.


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