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Sonar Cables: developing the 'next level’

Aug 30, 2022 11:45:00 AM / by Jeroen Romijn

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The Navy monitors safety at sea worldwide. That’s a tough job in challenging circumstances. Many countries have navy vessels with sonar systems that are equipped with DeRegt cables. These are developed in cooperation with Ultra, a leader in underwater warfare technologies.

“DeRegt Cables focuses on the details. They understand that the defense industry is only satisfied with the best quality equipment. It’s always a challenge to find partners who reach that level. We know from experience that DeRegt can deliver that quality,” says Pierre Poulain, Vice President Business Development & Marketing at Ultra Electronics. DeRegt has been working closely with the Dartmouth-based company for several years. Ultra Maritime Systems specializes in the design and construction of sonar technology, including towed array sonar systems and sensor technology.


The crème de la crème

DeRegt came into the picture at Ultra Maritime Systems after they were commissioned by the Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) in 2011. “DeRegt had worked with Ultra, based in the UK on Torpedo Defense towed array systems since 2003”, says Program Manager Adam Gray. “Given their past experiences, our English colleagues recommended DeRegt as a local partner.”


Ultra was asked by the DMO to develop a Multi-static Active Passive Sonar System (MAPS). The system has been installed on two multipurpose frigates (M-frigates) in the Karel Doorman class of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Combating submarines is an important task of the M-frigates. “MAPS is a very advanced sonar system,” explains Gray. “The crème de la crème in underwater sensor technology, acoustic signal processing, and anti-submarine technology. The system includes TNO software, including torpedo detection and defense, innovative processing algorithms, and techniques to reduce the effects of sonar transmissions on marine mammals. DeRegt supplied the cables and interface for the system. The Royal Netherlands Navy commissioned MAPS in 2015."


"Compared to customers in other industries, such as the oil industry, the bar for defense is set very high, which is only logical given the situations in which the Navy operates. We must ensure the system can operate reliably in various challenging environments.”


Pushing boundaries

According to Gray, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. “We are being asked more frequently to develop systems that can do more but are smaller in size and weigh less. We are challenged to push the technical boundaries further and further. And we’ve done that successfully so far. In close cooperation with subcontractors such as DeRegt, we offer creative solutions that make it possible for us to meet our clients’ wishes. DeRegt is an indispensable cooperation partner. The only way to meet challenges is by entering into a close working relationship and sharing our expertise with each other.”


According to Poulain, DeRegt is a unique supplier. “There aren’t that many companies making these kinds of dynamic cables. Design, verification, validation, and production all occur in a single location at DeRegt. They even do the testing themselves. These are all advantages that contribute to our choosing DeRegt.”


Next Level

Shortly, Ultra and DeRegt will work on cables that will be applied to twelve Halifax class frigates, the core of the Canadian Navy. The ships are specialized in anti-submarine warfare and have been considerably modernized in recent years. “This update will take our technical offer to the next level,” says Gray.


“It offers our customers even more advanced equipment at the smallest possible size and weight. Thanks to the close cooperation between Ultra and DeRegt, the Navy can dedicate itself to safety at and from the sea. That’s a very nice incentive!”


More about Sonar Systems 

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